Covid:WIRED* is a collection of over 400 findings from research that have been organised with wellbeing domains on the vertical axis and dimension of inequality along the horizontal axis. You can find out more about the data behind the dashboard here and watch a short explainer video here.

Read our briefings which provide some insights from the Covid:WIRED data:

The impact of the pandemic on subjective wellbeing inequalities

Covid-19 and wellbeing inequalities: Housing

Covid-19 and wellbeing inequalities: Employment and income

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*Developed by Deborah Hardoon, Ingrid Abreu-Scherer, Rosie Maguire, Saamah Abdallah, Sam Wren-Lewis, Liz Zeidler, Lisa Muller, Melissa Cairns, Joanne Smithson and Nancy Hey – in partnership with Centre for Thriving Places.