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May 2020

Measuring Wellbeing Series

Exploring key concepts and debates in the measurement of wellbeing and its practical application.

Measuring Wellbeing Series

As a What Works Centre and thought leaders in the field of wellbeing, we work to refine theoretical concepts and practical methodologies to build a strong evidence base.

We promote the use and development of harmonised wellbeing measures, to ensure wellbeing evidence is increasingly consistent, robust and useful. 

Measuring Wellbeing Series

Through the Measuring Wellbeing Series, we share views contributed by high profile wellbeing researchers and thinkers on topics that advance the field of wellbeing measurement. Ultimately, it aims to promote visibility of key wellbeing concepts and consistency within the field of measurement. 

The papers in our Series explore: 

  • Conceptual and practical developments in the field of subjective wellbeing measurement.
  • Key issues or gaps in a range of wellbeing measurement practices that require attention.  
  • Practical implications for decision-makers in the UK and across OECD countries.  

Papers from our Series also inform the development of our evaluation guidance and sector specific microsite.


Conversation with funders on wellbeing evidence by the Centre.

Find the papers from the Series in the tiles below.


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In this project

Paper by Dr Christian Krekel & Dr George MacKerron
Using people’s feelings to value time
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Paper by Liz Zeidler
The Shared Ingredients for a Wellbeing Economy
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Paper by Mark Fabian
When, why, and how to do co-production in wellbeing policy and practice
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Paper by Professor Paul Allin
The role and use of official statistics in measuring wellbeing
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Paper by Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown
Insights and Reflections on the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scales (WEMWBS)
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Paper by Saamah Abdallah, Hanna Wheatley and Annie Quick
Measuring Wellbeing Inequality in Britain
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Paper by Professor Richard Layard
Measuring Wellbeing and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis using Subjective Wellbeing
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Paper by Professor Felicia A. Huppert
Measurement Really Matters
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Paper by Professor Paul Dolan, Dr Laura Kudrna and Stefano Testoni
Definition and Measures of Subjective Wellbeing
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