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Here you can explore the work we do to improve wellbeing. From research and building evidence to implementing methods in the real world, find out more about our projects below.

March 2022
Reconceptualising loneliness in London

Exploring the structural influences, drivers and unequal distribution of loneliness in the UK's capital.
February 2022
Business Leaders’ Council

An event series for businesses and employers highlighting issues around workplace wellbeing
January 2022
Loneliness and wellbeing in young people

Building our understanding of who and how young people are affected
November 2021
Different people, same place

Exploring the interrelationship between community and individual wellbeing
November 2021
Dying well

A spotlight on wellbeing when living when a terminal illness
October 2021
The many dimensions of wellbeing

Why and how wellbeing varies for different groups in society
October 2021
Building Connections Fund: Evaluation and Learning

Understanding the impact and sharing learning to tackle loneliness
September 2021
Measuring children and young people’s subjective wellbeing

A framework to support good, consistent measurement
September 2021
WEMWBS mental wellbeing: Evaluation deep-dive

A rapid review of the evaluation literature that uses the WEMWBS scales
June 2021
Carers’ Music Fund

Insights on female carers' wellbeing and loneliness
June 2021

An interactive dashboard mapping Covid wellbeing inequalities
May 2021
Covid-19 and wellbeing

The impact of the pandemic on wellbeing