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The Power of Songs: An Evaluation of Plymouth Music Zone’s ‘Keep Singing, Keepsake’ Project

As part of our new evidence review of music, singing and wellbeing, this case study shows a useful example of evidence in action, highlighting both the successes and challenges faced with a participatory music programme aimed at older people. It is based on a report by Jocey Quinn,  Claudia Blandon, Plymouth University and Plymouth Music Zone, 2014.  The Project The ‘Keep Singing, Keepsake Project’ (KKP) supports older people living in residential facilities who are at risk from isolation. It aims to strengthen social ties and improve participants’ emotional wellbeing through participation in a weekly singing group. It also aims...

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Music, singing and wellbeing: what works? New review of evidence

Today the What Works Centre for Wellbeing launches a new systematic review of evidence from around the world into what works, and with whom, for music and singing interventions. For the first time, all available evidence has been collated and the strength of evidence has been measured. Decision-makers in charities, local authorities and funding bodies, or any organisation involved with the delivery of support services, can see which groups in society have improved wellbeing after participating in music and singing projects, or listening to music, and where the evidence gaps are. Read more and download the reports Evidence into action: singing is good news for care homes Some of the strongest evidence in the What Works review is on the benefits of group singing for older people. Here, an initiative that has successfully championed participatory singing in residential care settings for older people shares how they implemented evidence of the positive connection between singing and wellbeing in older people. “The regular inclusion of singing and live music activities in residential care homes can support positive responses to Care Quality Commission’s assessment questions,” says a new report. The report is part of an initiative entitled A Choir in Every Care Home, and is based on a year’s intensive work investigating the growing evidence for the benefits of singing. It includes the largest ever review of the published evidence about music...

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Music, singing and healthy adults

How can music and singing interventions impact mental health and wellbeing? What interventions have evidence to support their impact? This briefing is based on the full music and singing evidence review.

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